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I launched my stationery business based in watford, Louise does graphics, in late 2017

and have not stopped since! my passion for creating fun, illustrative greeting cards started when I was young. I love spreading happiness and creating that very special moment of giving and receiving the perfect gift. I think being kind is the ultimate super-power to have.


Louise does graphics is me and my mac at the top of a small staircase in our family home, producing big ideas from a small 1M2 office space! my hand-drawn designs are inspired by current consumers trends and habits, whilst incorporating a personal love for all things food and plant related. my card ranges have a vibrant colour pallet with a witty sense of humour, that ensures products pop on-shelf or through your letter box! 


I’m also proud to say that my cards have strong eco credentials; from the 100% recycled card I use in my standard card ranges, to the biodegradable cello bags my cards are packaged in.


I worked extremely hard last year and am so beyond proud to say that Louise does graphics

is now stocked in 2 of the 4 Supermarket giants, Tesco and Morrisons, as well as leading Greeting Card Supplier, Card Factory! I also work with unique retail store re:so, and fabulous independent retailer Paper Plane. I have enjoyed making friendships with the amazing people that work in these stores and my online etsy customers too. I can’t wait to expand even further, and would love you to be part of the journey!


If you’re interested in stocking my cards then please get in touch.

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